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LIFT for Sex Addiction

Sex addiction can be a source of shame for individuals and create significant challenges for families. Therapy Utah’s LIFT Program provides vital group support under the guidance of experts in the field to help you overcome the root causes of your struggles with sex addiction.


A Unique Approach to Treating Sex Addiction

Developing a healthier relationship with sex requires introspection, courage, and the support to keep going. The LIFT Program provides online modules and weekly group therapy sessions led by expert sex addiction therapists, where you’ll be able to process what you’ve learned with others who are dealing with similar issues.

Program Details

When you join the LIFT Program for support with sex addiction, you’ll spend the first 8 weeks in a discovery process with other participants—including those who have joined LIFT to address issues related to betrayal trauma. During these 8 weeks, you’ll build a foundation of shared knowledge that promotes a deeper understanding of how these challenges relate to one another, allowing you to cultivate empathy and put the behavior you want to change into context.

The next stage of the LIFT Program consists of six stages that take place over the course of 52 weeks. During this portion of the program, your group will consist specifically of others who are struggling with sex addiction, meeting weekly to receive insights from expert trained sex addiction therapists and share your reflections.

The six stages of LIFT for sex addiction focus on:

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1. Education, Hope, & Direction

“I know the principles of recovery”
“I know how to start building trust”
“I know what I am hoping for”

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2. Safety, Honesty, & Intention

“I have a safety plan”
“I take daily actions that align with my intentions”
“I practice rigorous honesty”

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3. Boundaries

“I am developing healthy attachments”
“I am developing shame resilience”
“I know that healthy boundaries lead to better connections”

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4. Acceptance, Forgiveness, & Resilience

“I can identify my strengths”
“I can step into my fears”
“I have practiced real forgiveness”

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5. Freedom, Fun, & Acceptance

“I have written and shared a freedom manifesto”
“I have hobbies I love that I can practice”
“I know what I can do and what I can’t”

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6. Recovery & Long-Term Well-Being

“I understand what I have been through and why”
“I acknowledge the changes I have made”
“I can support others who are struggling”

The LIFT Program is more than group therapy—it’s a living, growing recovery community that shares knowledge and provides support on an ongoing basis. At Therapy Utah, we believe that building a support network around each client is the best way to facilitate real, lasting healing from sex addiction.

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Statement from Brannon

I believe that healing is possible. There is always hope. Pain is an opportunity to grow and move forward; you just need to know how to walk through that pain. I believe there is goodness in most everyone and that goodness can be found again even if bad things have happened. Therapy is not always easy, but being willing to face the hard realities is an important part of the healing process. Recovery is overcoming shame to create connection again.

Brannon Patrick, LCSW

LIFT Testimonials

"It made me think of the hard things that I needed to change in my own life."

"Being from out of state it has been very hard to get good group work in my local area. Having LIFT virtual was awesome. Such a better experience than I had with [another program], even in person."

“I liked that LIFT was more than just psychoeducation and that we were able to get to know other group members a little bit."

"Such honesty. No sugar coating it, trauma is trauma."

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