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The LIFT Program

Rise Above Sex Addiction, Pornography Addiction, & Betrayal Trauma

Sex addiction, pornography addiction, and betrayal trauma can make you feel ashamed to speak out or seek help—but you aren’t alone. The LIFT Program combines online modules with weekly group therapy sessions to create a community where people struggling with these issues can find support and heal together under the guidance of expert therapists.

How & Why the LIFT Group Therapy Program Works

The LIFT Program includes weekly structured group therapy sessions led by expert therapists in sex addiction, pornography addiction, and betrayal trauma. After each session, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with other members of your group and process what you’ve learned together. Here’s why that’s better than going it alone:

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A Community of Accountability & Support

You aren’t just going to group therapy—you’re joining a community of people who are committed to learning and growing together.

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People Who Get You

There’s no judgment in the LIFT Program. Everyone in your group understands firsthand what you’re going through, so there’s always an incentive for members to be supportive and encouraging.

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Change via Teamwork

Overcoming sex addiction, pornography addiction, or betrayal trauma by yourself isn’t easy. In the LIFT Program, you can practice recovery skills safely with your group therapy members, enabling you to implement them in your personal life.

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Led by Experts

Brannon Patrick, Kathy Kinghorn, and our expert therapist team have trained for years at the highest level to provide support for people with the challenges you’re facing. Their guidance and insight can show you valuable tools for making meaningful changes to your life.

LIFT for Betrayal Trauma

Healing from betrayal trauma requires courage and rigorous honesty. The support you’ll find in the LIFT Program will empower you to clarify factors behind the pain you’re experiencing and give you tools you can use to move past it with others who have been in the same situation. The program includes:

  • A collective healing process with people who have shared your experiences
  • A six-stage journey incorporating numerous clinical modalities and tools
  • Individual online modules and weekly group therapy sessions led by expert therapists
  • Membership in a growing community of those who have recovered from betrayal trauma
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LIFT for Sex Addiction

Overcoming sex addiction is about more than changing outward signs and behaviors. The LIFT program gives you the support you need to dive down into the core of what’s driving your addiction so you can address it at the source. During the program, you’ll:

  • Build a shared foundation of knowledge with like-minded individuals
  • Undergo a six-stage process designed to help you identify and overcome your addiction
  • Complete online modules, attend live webinars, and hold Q&As with Brannon and Kathy
  • Join a group therapy community dedicated to long-term support and recovery

LIFT for Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction can create serious challenges for individuals and their loved ones. The LIFT program provides specific, in-depth support for people struggling with pornography addictions, including:

  • Group therapy sessions to build collective knowledge
  • A unique six-stage process designed to help you identify and overcome your addiction
  • Live webinars, Q&A events with Brannon and Kathy, and online modules
  • A network of like-minded supporters dedicated to long-term healing
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Program Options

The LIFT Program costs $225 per month, and consists of six different stages. Each stage can take 3–4 months to work through, depending on your reasons for being in the program, your ability to work through the material, and your desire to explore the underlying issues behind the behavior you want to change. In most cases, the LIFT program takes 1.5 years to complete.

Statement from Brannon Patrick & Kathy Kinghorn

LIFT is a systemic process that gets to the root of the problem and helps individuals and couples create Love, Integrity, Freedom, and Trust again. LIFT is also a process and program that gets down to the core of the shame, trauma, and fear that undermine peace and happiness. The pathway is not always easy, but it’s doable and available to anyone who wants it.

Meet the LIFT Team

Brannon Patrick

Brannon Patrick



Sexual Addiction

Betrayal Trauma

Drug & Alcohol Recovery

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR therapy)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Brannon Patrick is the Co-Owner and CEO of LIFT. He has treated almost every kind of addiction in every conceivable environment. He started working in an inpatient psychiatric unit, and then spent years gaining experience in an intensive outpatient setting.

Through Brannon’s years of clinical work, he has received specialized training in addiction recovery and betrayal trauma recovery. He is a well-known online source of information about betrayal trauma and sexual addiction.

Kathy Kinghorn

Kathy Kinghorn



Sexual Addiction

Betrayal Trauma

Drug & Alcohol Recovery

Certified Sexual Addiction

Therapist Supervisor (CSAT-S)

Internal Family Systems (IFS therapy)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Kathy Kinghorn is the Co-Owner and CEO of Therapy Utah. She started her career in therapy after spending 20 years in the corporate world.

Kathy has been trained by Dr. Patrick Carnes and has since gone on to become a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT) Supervisor. She has spoken at numerous national conferences, symposiums, webinars, and local venues.

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