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Adolescent & Child

We all want our children to grow up healthy and well-adjusted—but even kids face issues they may not be able to overcome without professional help. Our adolescent and child therapy services offer support and guidance designed to help your little ones thrive. Therapy

Our Focus

The issues children and young people struggle with can vary widely. Our adolescent and child therapists can help your children identify, explore, and address a broad spectrum of challenges.

Our on-site psychologist can also perform assessments and diagnose various mental health issues that often manifest during childhood. Once you bring your children to Therapy Utah for their initial intake, we’ll match them with a therapist whose methods suit their needs best.

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Childhood trauma

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Adolescent sex addiction and pornography addiction

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Emotional and behavioral difficulties

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Communication issues

Program Options & Rates

Adolescent and child therapy sessions are $125–$200, depending on the therapist your child matches with. Sessions last from 50–60 minutes each.

Your child will also need to complete a 50–60 minute intake session before we can match them with a therapist whose methods, experience, and communication style are a strong fit for their situation. The cost for this intake and initial assessment is $150.

Why Choose Therapy Utah for Adolescent & Child Therapy?

Because children are still developing the personalities they’ll carry with them throughout the rest of their lives, adolescent and child therapists need to be extremely sensitive and discerning. Here’s how Therapy Utah goes above and beyond to meet your children’s needs:

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Sensitive & Caring

Young people often have complex needs that require different communication strategies than those of adults. Our child and adolescent therapists are trained to use terms and methods that children respond to and understand.

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Trained & Experienced

At Therapy Utah, we put in the work to match your child with the right therapist for their personality, communication style, and circumstances. Our licensed therapists have years of experience working with young clients.

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Versatile & Effective

Our adolescent and child therapists use a variety of different treatment techniques and methods for clients, depending on the issues at hand. These include play therapy, ART, EMDR, DBT, CBT, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Therapy Right for My Child?

Any child or adolescent can benefit from therapy, as long as they are open-minded about trying new things and interested in learning more about themselves. Our therapists use a variety of techniques, including play therapy, to help make your children more comfortable about opening up and expressing themselves during our sessions.

How Much Does Child Therapy Cost?

The cost for our child and adolescent therapy services is $125–$200, depending on the therapist they match with and the methods they use. To help us find the right therapeutic match for your child, we’ll also need to schedule them for an initial intake session and assessment. The cost for this service is a one-time fee of $150.

How Long Does Child Therapy Take?

The length of time your child will spend in therapy depends on the issues they’re dealing with, as well as the treatment modalities we use to build their custom plan and the speed at which they are able to complete each step.

It’s typical for children to spend a moderate amount of time in therapy (often 12–16 weekly sessions), although this can vary significantly depending on your child’s particular circumstances.

What if My Child Doesn’t Want to Go to Therapy?

You may feel strongly that your child needs therapy, but they may be resistant to the idea of going. If you experience difficulties convincing your child to attend sessions with us, speak with their therapist about your options.

Our therapists use various techniques to encourage children to become more comfortable about going to therapy, or it may be a question of matching your child with a therapist who is a better fit for them. In any case, Therapy Utah has resources and contingencies that can help.

How Can Therapy Benefit My Child?

Therapy has numerous proven benefits for both young children and adolescents, including:

  • Reduced likelihood of anxiety and depression
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Better social skills
  • Increased introspection and empathy

Therapy can also give your children a safe space to talk about issues they are encountering in other areas of their lives (school, church, etc.). By allowing them to raise questions and articulate complex thoughts in a judgment-free environment, your child may be better prepared to handle these challenges.

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