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Therapy Services

Effective therapy does more than treat surface-level symptoms. At Therapy Utah, we take a trauma-based approach that helps you explore the root causes of your challenges and reprocess them for healing that lasts.

Our Core Services

We offer diverse services for a diverse range of patients and issues. Each type of therapy we provide is carried out by dedicated experts who use specialized treatment modalities to understand your situation and facilitate growth.

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Individual Therapy

Our compassionate and personalized approach to individual therapy uses CBT, EDMR, IFS, ART and other modalities to promote introspection and healing in a warm, welcoming environment. Online sessions are also available.

Couples & Marriage Therapy

From play therapy, EMDR, ART to IFS and beyond, our family therapists use numerous techniques to help heal rifts and build stronger bonds between loved ones.

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Betrayal, Addiction, & Trauma Treatment

Therapy Utah is the leading expert in treating sex addiction, pornography addiction, and betrayal trauma. 

Betrayal Trauma Therapy

Betrayal trauma is a widely misunderstood type of trauma, but at Therapy Utah, we understand it.  We provide you a safe, supportive space to heal, to learn, and to remember who you are.

Sex Addiction Treatment

Dealing with sexual addiction can be a difficult and shameful process, but help is available. We don’t weaponize your shame in an attempt to modify your behavior—instead, we work with you to develop the tools to make real, lasting change. We want you to live the life you’ve always wanted. 

Family Therapy

From play therapy to IFS and beyond, our family therapists use numerous techniques to help heal rifts and build stronger bonds between loved ones.

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Adolescent & Child Therapy

Therapy for children and adolescents can help mitigate the effects of childhood trauma and lead to healthier development into adulthood. Our adolescent and child therapy strategies include ART, EMDR, play therapy, and more.

Psychological Evaluations

Our psychologist has 30+ years conducting psychological evaluations. He begins his evaluations with an in-depth interview. This allows him to choose the best course of assessment for each individual.

Depending on the specific assessments needed the evaluation will generally last between 3 – 4 hours.
A psychological evaluation should be considered in cases where there is uncertainty about the reasons you or someone you love is having problems with mood, behavior, or learning.

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