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Specifically Created for Sexual Addiction & Betrayal Trauma

Welcome to Therapy Utah

We are committed to providing you and your loved ones with exceptional care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere.
Our main areas of focus are Sexual Addiction and Betrayal Trauma.
If you are struggling with these or other issues, recovery can be tough! We understand your pain. We can’t work your recovery for you.
But, with over two decades of experience and a team of caring professionals, we will provide the support you need
in walking the path to thriving relationships and long-lasting recovery.

Therapy Utah was founded by Kathy Kinghorn and Brannon Patrick, experts in the treatment of Sex Addiction & Betrayal Trauma.

We are located at 3051 W Maple Loop Drive #202 Lehi, UT 84043

Feel free to contact us with any questions, requests, or to schedule an appointment, and visit our blog for insightful and helpful information.

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Therapy Utah - Lehi Office Waiting Room

Therapy Utah offers online & Phone therapy sessions!

Couples Counseling

We are wired for connection! That’s the good news. How we use that wiring to connect can be exciting, exhausting, frustrating or confusing. We get it. Sometimes it takes just a little bit of help to adjust the direction of a relationship and sometimes it takes entirely dismantling a relationship and re-building from the ground up. We get that, too. Wherever a couple is in their journey, our clinicians can provide a roadmap. Couples Counseling

Adult Groups

We are who we are because of our story. Sharing our story in a safe space gives us the opportunity to learn even more about ourselves and how we perceive the world around us. We have designed groups that will allow you to strengthen others while you strengthen yourself. Adult Groups

Online Therapy

Finding a qualified therapist can be challenging. Especially if you are facing a struggle that needs specialized treatment. That’s why when we chose our location we made sure it was conveniently located near a freeway, train station and bus stations. For the majority of our clients the location is perfect. However, we are now finding that many individuals that are contacting us do not live nearby. To help those individuals, we now offer remote individual and group counseling. Online Therapy


There can be times in all of our lives when we aren’t quite sure if our thoughts, feelings, behaviors are leading us towards our best self. At those times, it is helpful to have access to assessments that can assist us in knowing the right resources to choose. We have clinicians trained to use evidence-based tools to assess for depression, anxiety, sexual addiction, trauma, betrayal trauma and attachment styles. Assessments

Individual Therapy

Individuals begin therapy for a variety of reasons and during a variety of times in their lives. Some come when they realize that their anxiety or depression is to the point that they aren’t enjoying life like they use to be able to do. Some come in when they realize their behavior has reached the addictive level. Others walk through our doors immediately following a traumatic event when their systems are still in shock. Wherever you are at in your life, individual therapy can allow you to gain deeper insight, slow down your reactions, increase your chances for sustained recovery and/or improve your overall well-being. Individuals Therapy

Play Therapy for Kids

Play is the way children communicate, learn and heal. They tell their funny stories, their scary stories and their relational stories through play. At TherapyUTAH, we have created an environment that is designed for play. Through the use of sand tray therapy, art therapy and play therapy, your child will step into a world where they can learn how to be the hero of their story. Play Therapy for Kids

Health and Wellness Coaching

At Therapy Utah we believe in a holistic approach to healing. Every year more and more research confirms that individuals who have healthy emotional and physical habits report higher levels of happiness, contentment and confidence. We created a program where individuals, couples and/or families can start their education anywhere from a beginner’s level to an advanced level. Our coach enjoys making the journey fun, exciting and achievable! Health and Wellness Coaching

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Evaluation

Trust will always proceed betrayal trauma. We have to trust before we are betrayed. In the world of technology that we live in today, the betrayal is no longer limited to a physical affair. It can be an emotional affair carried out only over the internet or finding that a spouse is viewing pornography. Whatever the betrayal comes from, the damage is far-reaching. Studies now confirm that those experiencing betrayal trauma have many of the same symptoms of PTSD. We specialize in helping individuals with this specific type of trauma heal and regain their life back. SAP