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Family Therapy

At Therapy Utah, we recognize that the history and circumstances of your family are unique. That’s why our experts take time to understand the issues you’re facing and create tailored strategies to help improve your family dynamic.

Our Focus

As Tolstoy once said: “happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Our family therapists can help you address a wide range of issues, including those listed here.

When you contact Therapy Utah, we’ll schedule an intake session and perform an initial assessment. Once we have a clear idea of the issues your family wants to address, we’ll match you with a qualified family therapist who uses methods that can help.

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Addiction issues

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Infidelity and betrayal trauma

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Grief or bereavement

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Financial challenges

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Parental difficulties

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Faith transitions


Changes to a family dynamic (including separation or divorce)

Program Options & Rates

Family therapy sessions are $125–$200, depending on the therapist you match with. Sessions last from 50–60 minutes each.

You will also need to complete a 50–60 minute intake session before we can match you with a therapist whose methods, experience, and communication style are a strong fit for you and your situation. The cost for this intake and initial assessment is $150.

Why Choose Therapy Utah for Family Therapy?

Family dynamics can be extremely complicated—and at Therapy Utah, we look beneath the surface to address the root causes of the struggles you’re facing. Here’s what makes us different from other practices:

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Empathetic & Judgment-Free

Our therapists take time to understand where everyone in your family is coming from—but we never choose sides or pass judgment on your situation. You can count on us to be sensitive and impartial at all times.

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Licensed & Experienced

Our licensed professional therapists have decades of combined experience providing family therapy services and can use numerous methodologies such as play therapy, EMDR, ART to IFS, and beyond to address the issues your family is facing.

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Systematic & Measurable

We create custom treatment plans for each family we work with—including multiple benchmarks to help you track your progress towards your goals. Our methods rely on tried and tested methods, and we never employ gimmicks or cut corners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Therapy Right for My Family?

Family therapy can help any family improve communication issues, build trust, and resolve disputes or trauma. However, it will likely be more effective if the members of your family remain open-minded and optimistic about the process.

Finding a therapist who is a strong match for your family is also vital. That’s why we take care to match your family with a therapist whose communication style, experience, and treatment modalities are a strong fit for you and your loved ones.

How Much Does Family Therapy Cost?

Our family therapy services cost $125–$200 per session, depending on your therapist and the methods they use. You’ll also need to complete an initial intake and assessment so we can match you with a therapist who fits your family’s dynamic and needs. The cost for this initial assessment is $150.

How Long Does Family Therapy Take?

The length of time each family spends in therapy depends on the issues they’re facing, the strategy we create for them, and the pace at which they’re able to work through each of the steps involved. However, it’s not uncommon for families to spend 15 to 20 sessions with one of our therapists.

What Methods Does Therapy Utah Use for Family Therapy?

Our family therapists may use any of the following methods:

  • IFS (Internal Family Systems): this method is based on the idea that each individual in a family contains sub-personalities that link them to the other members, and that getting to know them better can improve the family dynamic as a whole.
  • Play Therapy: particularly useful for families with children, this method promotes play as a tool for helping people express or communicate their emotions.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): by identifying cognitive distortions and creating strategies to mitigate their influence, this method can help improve the ways family members communicate and relate to one another.

What Are the Benefits of Family Therapy?

Family therapy can help you and your loved ones:

  • Improve communication and reduce tension or resentment
  • Set clear, healthy boundaries
  • Solve problems more effectively
  • Express feelings more easily
  • Resolve conflicts and manage anger
  • Increase empathy for each other

… and more. In many cases, families find that the benefits of their work with us extend beyond achieving the specific goals we help them set at the beginning of our work together.

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