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No matter what you’re dealing with, we want to hear from you and offer our support. Reach out to us using the contact information below, and find answers to common questions about booking appointments at our practice.






3082 W Maple Loop Dr, Ste. 200 Lehi, UT 84043


Sunday: Closed

Monday: 8am–7pm

Tuesday: 8am–7pm

Wednesday: 8am–7pm

Thursday: 8am–7pm

Friday: 8am–3pm

Saturday: 8am–12pm

(open every other week; please call for details about Saturday bookings)


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Access your account and personal information by logging into the secure client portal here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Therapy Utah Offer Direct Billing to Insurance Providers?

We don’t work with insurance directly, but we do provide paperwork you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement if they cover our services. Our clients pay out of pocket to work with leading experts who help produce real, lasting results—when you come to us for help, you’re getting your money’s worth.

Why Don’t You Take Insurance?

We are committed to investing the greatest possible amount of resources in creating and maintaining a safe, effective therapeutic environment for all our clients. Taking payments up front for our services ensures our financial liquidity and allows us to guarantee the consistency of our services. However, we do provide paperwork you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement if the services in question are covered by your plan.

How Long Does it Take to Book an Appointment?

If you are contacting Therapy Utah to make an initial appointment, the first step is to schedule an intake session and perform an assessment. We’ll use the information we collect during this assessment to match you with a therapist whose training, methods, and communication style are a strong fit for your circumstances and needs.

Waiting times can vary—but you’ll normally be able to complete your intake within two weeks of contacting us and start therapy as soon as we match you with the therapist who will be best for you.

What Does it Cost to Book an Appointment at Therapy Utah?

New client intake sessions at Therapy Utah cost $150 and last 50–60 minutes.

Our therapy sessions range from $125 to $200 (depending on your therapist) and last 50–60 minutes each.

Psychological evaluations cost:

  • $900 for children under 12 years old
  • $1200 for children 12–17 years old
  • $1500 for adults (ages 18+)

The LIFT Program costs $225 per month.

How Is Therapy Utah Different from Other Providers?

Therapy Utah believes in taking a deeper approach to resolving trauma and challenges. Instead of focusing on surface-level behaviors like abstinence or sobriety, our therapists use proven techniques and treatment modalities to dig deep into the core causes of your issues so you can confront and process what’s behind the problems you’re facing.
Our treatments are not mandated—all of our clients choose to be here. We do not take sides, and we see the good in everyone.
Our trained and licensed therapists create custom treatment plans for every patient. Sessions are either conducted in-person at our brand-new facility, which is designed to provide maximum comfort and security for clients, or via online therapy sessions.
We also offer specialized group therapy services to help people struggling with sex addiction, pornography addiction, and betrayal trauma via the LIFT Program. This program combines online modules with weekly group therapy sessions led by expert therapistss in these issues, which gives participants a chance to share insights and heal together.