Technology Improves Accountability for the Addicted

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Technology Improves Accountability for the Addicted

Our clients enter our Intensive Outpatient Program for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is simply that they are exhausted from living the life of an addict; the motivation is internal.

Clients also come to us due to an external motivation. It can be a parent, spouse, employer, friend or the court system.

Whether the motivation is internal or external, the need for accountability, especially during the
early months of recovery is critical to long-term success.

Therapy Utah’s Partnership – Increased Accountability for the IOP

At Therapy Utah we have partnered with Findd, a company who has created an app with the most advanced biometric face recognition technology. As simple as taking a selfie, our IOP clients can confirm that they are attending our IOP, a 12-step meeting, sitting at the drug testing clinic, meeting with a probation officer, or any other required setting.

As we have implemented this cutting-edge technology what we have found is that our intensive outpatient program clients that are committed to a life of recovery enjoy the accountability feature. For so long they have lived a duplicitous life full of deceit; they have lost the trust of others.

As they repair relationships they enjoy being able to confirm, without question, that they are where they committed to being.

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