Yoga is an ancient practice, developed thousands of years ago in India as a system for total health and well-being – mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Yoga is not a religion or system of beliefs, but of techniques and guidance for enriched living.

While there are many important pieces in treating and healing trauma, the importance of yoga and mindfulness practice cannot be overstated. Yoga is not only nurturing for the physical body but therapeutic for the emotional body. It is essential in rewiring the brain and helps individuals practice presence, breath, and relaxation rather than staying stuck in old patterns of thinking and being.

When we are in trauma, we are in fear and survival-mode, stuck the reptile brain. Practicing simple breath or mantras can bring us back to the truthfulness in the present moment, and back to ourselves. When we are repeating negative patterns of coping or moving through our lives, it is largely due to unconsciousness. Yoga and meditation allow us the opportunity to wake up and consciously participate in our lives, moving and making choices from a place of vitality, awareness, and power. 

Through breath, mindful movement, guided meditation, journaling, and self-inquiry, individuals embark on a highly-personalized journey of discovery and recovery. Regardless of the reasons for attending, there is something for everyone as we journey through the concepts of yoga – which extend so far beyond the simple movements or breath exercises we practice on the mat.

In our yoga classes, we focus on yoga for everybody in everybody – meaning that we approach yoga and mindfulness with an attitude of accessibility for every age group, body size, or experience level. There is no need to be “bendy” or hit hard poses to access the benefits of yoga, and no prior experience is necessary for these classes. All that is required is your willingness, your breath, and your presence.

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