Psychotherapy Teen Groups

Psychotherapy Teen Groups

Shame Resilience Teen Groups

Using Brene Brown’s Connection Curriculum we help teach teens how shame is influencing their decisions, their self-worth and their motivation.  This group is structured to provide a safe place to process feelings, practice healthy social skills and improve your teens emotional IQ.

Mindfulness for Teens

This course was created to introduce teens to mindfulness.  It is a great foundational course for teens to learn how to be present, how to slow their reactions and how to examine the world around them from a new vantage point.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Youth (MBSR-Y)

For youth ages 12-17.  This 8-week Mindfulness course is comprised of 1 ½ hour sessions held weekly.  Adapted for the needs and interests of teens, this course follows the curriculum developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.  Ideal for youth who are experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, or have difficulty concentrating.  MBSR has significant scientific research showing participants experience improvements in happiness levels and enjoy a greater sense of well-being, as well as decreased anger and stress levels.  

Please fill out the form below if interested in joining a teen group. Mindfulness Groups for teens are $225 per month.