Substance Abuse Professional

Substance Abuse Professional Evaluation

As more and more professional truck drivers and other transportation workers in safety-sensitive positions were found to have drugs and/or alcohol in their system, the Department of Transportation (DOT) wanted to find a way to evaluate these individuals. They needed to have an impartial 3rd party that wasn’t advocating for the employer or the employee.

So, in 1994 the DOT created a regulation that stated, in part, if you violate the drug/alcohol regulation you must have an evaluation by an SAP. The SAP will make recommendations for treatment, follow-up testing and any necessary after-care.

Often times individuals who have either tested positive for drugs during a random drug test or due to an accident are eligible to return to their employment after receiving education/treatment and proven that they are committed to sobriety.

If you have violated a DOT regulation and need a Substance Abuse Professional to conduct an evaluation.  Contact our office for an appointment. If you have already received an SAP evaluation and it has been determined that you would benefit from an Intensive Outpatient Program, contact us about entering our Intensive Outpatient Program.

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