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Therapy Utah caps our groups to no more than 10 members. This ensures ample time for processing and practicing of the skills taught.


We focus on giving you the tools you need for lasting recovery. The skills covered include; practicing honesty, mindfulness, and a focus on authenticity to provide peace for a lasting recovery.

Men's Sexual Addiction Groups

Addiction, whether it’s a behavior (gambling, sex, gaming, etc) or chemical (cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, etc…) the impacts every aspect of an individual’s life.  It is exhausting, confusing and anxiety raising. The high of searching for the next hit is quickly followed by a depressive low that can lead to overwhelming hopelessness.

At Therapy Utah we see similarities between learning how to scale a mountain to learning how to step in and stay in recovery.  Both activities are tough and take courage to start. They take resilience to continue. They take a team of expert guides walking alongside those that are beginning their journey.  Whether you are scaling a mountain or challenging yourself to practice a new recovery skill you will have times of failure and discouragement that will make the moments of success feel so much more earned, real and exciting.

If you are ready for adventure rather than obsession, ready to be challenged rather than standing still and ready to take back your life rather than be chained to an addiction, this group is a great fit for you.

Does your partner need Betrayal Trauma Therapy?

Small Groups

Because we believe that your story is best shared in smaller groups, we limit our group size to 8 individuals. This allows for every individual to process where they are at, offer encouragement and have time to practice the skills they are learning. We designed the first four months of the group to focus on foundational skills of recovery: overcoming denial, building trust, creating safety for you and others, learning how to be present and the science of addiction.

Skill Building

After the first four months, the group will go deeper into topics, such as, trauma histories, intimacy, empathy building, authenticity and regaining trust. Groups will meet each week for 90 minutes. Groups are billed monthly at $225. After the first four months, group members will complete activities to build a deeper connection with other group members and explore, within a supportive environment, the personal factors that contribute to their own addiction. Skills will also be built that focus on authenticity, peace, and lasting recovery. The group meets for 90 minutes weekly, each group lasts for 12 months and the cost is $225/month. When registering for your group please be sure to include the day of week and time from the classes available below.


Chief Crazy Horse once said, “A very great vision is needed, and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.”


Felt very at ease with the staff. Easy to talk to and very down to earth. I've recommended them to a number of friends and family.
Rob K.
Beautiful facility, expert staff, made me feel comfortable. In Grant, I finally found a therapist that gave me what I needed.
Alan F.
They seem to know a lot about addiction. I am glad they are so willing to help folks make sense of it all.
Nayda H.

***IMPORTANT: Enrollment is not complete, and your spot not secured, until the intake paperwork is fully completed. Please be sure to submit your paperwork to Paperwork can be found at the link below.

Find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose of life. Climb to recovery.