Prime For Life. DUI Classes in Utah.

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Affordable Price - 2-Day Course

$175 – One of the lowest prices in the state that includes the workbook. No hidden fees or additional charges. Our course is completed over only 2-Days.

Convenient Location

Located near Thanksgiving Point and walking distance from the Lehi Front Runner Station.

Evidence-based Program

Our evidence-based prevention and intervention program, helps you learn to reduce your risks of alcohol and drug related problems

Prime For Life

Have you been told to take a Prime for Life class by the courts for a DUI, DWI, Reckless Driving, Public Intoxication or other similar charge? Therapy Utah can meet the criteria for this course in just 2 days! We are state licensed, and court approved! We teach our classes over two 8-hour days ensuring you get the course done as quickly as possible. Upon completing the course you’ll be provided with a certificate for proof that you’ve satisfied the Prime for Life class requirements. Upon completion of the course, if needed we can email your certificate directly to your probation officer, attorney, or any other contact necessary.

Affordable Price – 2-Day Course

Our class is only $175 which includes the price of the workbook; we don’t have any hidden fees or additional charges. This price makes us one of the lowest in the state! We know you’ve likely already paid quite a bit for attorney fees, court fines, lost work and other financial setbacks due to your court case. Taking the court required DUI course should not mean that you are required to pay exorbitant class fees. We understand the financial hardship of court cases and that’s exactly why we’ve kept our price so low. Complete the course in the shortest amount of time allowed, 2 days.

Convenient Location

We are conveniently located in Lehi near Thanksgiving Point. The Lehi Front Runner station is within walking distance of our offices. This makes it convenient to get to and from class without need of a ride from family or friends. Our location at the point of the mountain makes it easy for anyone from Utah or Salt Lake County to attend our 2-day course. We teach our classes the first Friday and Saturday of every month from 9-6 PM, this includes time for a one-hour lunch break. There are several dining options across the street from our offices where you can find convenient dining options for the lunch break.

Evidence-based program

Beyond meeting the requirement for the courts our instructors want to be sure that each and every attendee takes away new knowledge. The curriculum is designed in such a way that we provide evidence based, informative and judgement free education on the risks of alcohol and other substances.
Prime For Life Therapy Utah Workbook


“I recommend Kylee! She is amazing! I’m not the type of person to get all emotional with people. But after a couple hours I realized Kylee is super cool! I’m glad I got to meet her. She got me through my prime for life class quickly with no problems and many answers to my crazy questions, and she has gone above and beyond to spread her love along to me and many many others. So go see Kylee! She’s honestly one of a kind.”
Chandler P.

Affordable, convenient, evidence-based Prime for Life program.

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