Play Therapy for kids in Utah

Play Therapy for Kids in Utah

If you want to help a child navigate the world, you first need to understand how the child sees the world.

Play therapy allows a child to use the language of play to give a therapist a glimpse into how they perceive the world they live in.

Research shows that play therapy improves a child’s ability to use healthy coping skills, regulate their emotions and understand their feelings better.

At Therapy Utah, our play therapists structured an environment where the children can feel safe to spontaneously move into the room and investigate toys, the sand tray, games, art supplies at their pace.

Here at Therapy Utah, we use this self-directed approach to give them the ability to work through anxiety, fear, depression, trauma, emotional struggles, aggressive behaviors, low self-worth issues, and other struggles they may be experiencing.

Play Therapy for kids in Lehi, Utah could be considered part of our family therapy options. We have Play therapists in-house ready to help develop your children's social skills and overcome fear and anxiety.

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