Learn to be Mindful.

8 Week Mindfulness Course

Addiction, whether it’s a behavior (gambling, sex, gaming, etc) or chemical (cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, etc…) the impacts every aspect of an individual’s life.  It is exhausting, confusing and anxiety raising. The high of searching for the next hit is quickly followed by a depressive low that can lead to overwhelming hopelessness.

At Therapy Utah we see similarities between learning how to scale a mountain to learning how to step in and stay in recovery.  Both activities are tough and take courage to start. They take resilience to continue. They take a team of expert guides walking alongside those that are beginning their journey.  Whether you are scaling a mountain or challenging yourself to practice a new recovery skill you will have times of failure and discouragement that will make the moments of success feel so much more earned, real and exciting.

If you are ready for adventure rather than obsession, ready to be challenged rather than standing still and ready to take back your life rather than be chained to an addiction, this group is a great fit for you.

What is Mindfulness?

Just like it sounds, mindfulness is having your brain fully present in the moment. You are fully aware of what is happening. You are fully focused on what you are doing, the space you are in, and the sounds around you. You are not overwhelmed by what is happening but instead, are simply aware.

Is this course for me?

This course is for men and women who want to be more fully present in their lives. It is particularly good for those struggling with addiction and for partners of addicts. It helps those with betrayal trauma reduce the resulting fear, obsession, self-judgment and instead increases safety and self-compassion. Participants will discover greater emotional equanimity, awareness, mental clarity, calm, better sleep, and the ability to cope with difficult situations with grace and composure. They will also be able to better accept themselves and others just as they are.

Course Details

Each week builds upon the content and practice from previous week, so it is best to start the very first week and continue through to the end.

Week 1: Intro to Mindfulness

Week 2: Attention and the Brain

Week 3: Dealing with Thoughts

Week 4: Stress: Responding vs Reacting

Week 5: Dealing with Difficult Emotional & Physical Pain

Week 6: Mindfulness and Communication

Week 7: Mindfulness and Compassion

Week 8: Conclusion – Developing a Practice of Your Own



Here are some responses we’ve received from past participants:

Less stress, better coping skills, some great ‘grownup’ methods for dealing with the chaos of life.
Being aware and learning to strive to be present in the moment. I learned that I'm not looking outward I'm focused inward and it keeps me from progressing and healing. It has become a firm if time out for me to reset and try again.
Reduced anxiety more peace, see things from different perspectives. Taught me how to deal with stress. How to react to others, learned how to live in the present, taught me how to feel gratitude.
More aware of present moment which makes me more grateful. Take deep breaths in stressful moments which makes me more calm. I loved learning about all the topics each week. I loved having the opportunity to ask questions and to hear from other members of the class and their experiences.

THE NEXT GROUP STARTS JULY 2ND! The group meets for 90 minutes weekly, every Tuesday from 6:30-8 PM at our Lehi office. The cost is only $225 for the entire 8-Week course.

Did you miss this course, or do you have conflicts during these dates? Don’t worry! Contact our office to be placed on the waiting list so you are the first to know when the next course opens.

***IMPORTANT: Enrollment is not complete, and your spot not secured, until the intake paperwork if fully completed. Please be sure to submit your paperwork to office@therapyutah.org. Paperwork can be found at the link below.

You can be present and aware.