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With over two decades of combined experience, we are the experts in Sexual Addiction and Betrayal Trauma!

We know what it takes to heal and find lasting recovery!

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A Fully Comprehensive Program for HIM and HER

Recovering from Betrayal Trauma or Sex Addiction can be tough! We understand your pain. While we cannot work your recovery for you, if you're struggling with Sex Addiction or Betrayal Trauma, we make it very easy to move forward.

We have outlined the process for healing; both for the Betrayed and the Addicted. We are ready to help you see you and your relationships thrive. Come on this journey with us as we walk you through the path of recovery.



Lift1 is about laying a foundation for you to succeed in your recovery journey. You gain powerful knowledge and understanding that supports you to heal from Betrayal Trauma, Addiction and help your relationship.

This group is a 6-week mixed, men and women, with breakouts for focused learning on the individual skills for healing from addiction and betrayal trauma.

This is where you'll set the foundation for true healing and lifelong recovery. Here you do so in a safe environment with experts who understand how to help you move forward.



Lift 2 is where you dig deep and do the real work!

This group is split where men and women have their own separate groups. This is the time to focus on YOU, it's critical that this time be about your growth and healing.

You will build a support group of peers who truly understand what you're going through! In this stage of treatment you are going to re-discover yourself. This is a 52-week program that guides you step by step through your own healing journey. REAL RECOVERY is the Goal!



Lift 3 is your time to come together!

During this Lift you will continue to put to use all the skills learned in the previous Lifts. However, for this time, you'll do it together in a group of other couples facing the same challenges.

By this stage of treatment you will fully understand how to build safety and trust in the relationship. Here you'll find a safe space to interact with peers who truly understand the struggles you're facing. You'll find the courage and confidence to continue on your healing journey and strengthen your relationships!

You can overcome addiction!

LIFT is the only program of its kind! Here you'll find everything you need in one place. You'll learn the tools required to conquer triggers, prevent relapse and begin to own your story. You will also do so much more than that!

This course goes well beyond just providing tools! You will also have the opportunity to practice the skills, really dig deep into how to control your thoughts through mindfulness. You will truly discover the healing and understanding you've been looking for!


True healing from Betrayal Trauma!

Learn to set boundaries that make YOU feel safe. Discover how to trust yourself again and feel whole. Find healing with a group of peers who are facing the same struggles and fears you are. You are NOT alone and you can learn to trust again! LIFT will guide you through your healing in a safe environment where you have time to dig deep and build improved self awareness and boundaries.

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