Intensive Outpatient Program for Professionals in Utah

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Professionals helping Professionals Overcome Addiction

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to teach you about the brain chemistry of addiction. Science has confirmed what we know - when you are given the right set of tools and the right kind of support, change happens. We combine Western and Eastern ways of healing to ensure that your brain has the best opportunity to sustain long-term recovery.

As you master mindfulness you will be able to:

  • Manage urges and cravings
  • Regulate your emotions
  • Respond, not react
  • Win in the crucial moments


Because we treat professionals we have a high standard for confidentiality. We take great care in making sure that clients feel safe. We adhere to strict HIPAA requirements and train our staff thoroughly on them. Our clients know that their jobs, and livelihoods are secure while they attend treatment with us.


We are very selective with the hiring process. Our clinicians are specialized in treating addiction. We are professionals treating professionals. We consider ourselves the experts in our field and hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to professionalism and specialization.


Our program is designed for the working professional. Yes, it will take up some of your time and you will have to adjust your life. However, we know that having a job as you are learning skills is an important part of recovery. We encourage and support you to keep your career while attending our IOP.

Intensive Outpatient Program - Therapy Utah

What makes Therapy Utah unique?

  • We bring technology into our IOP.  Once you sign up you will be given an iPad with our entire curriculum loaded on it. Upon completion of our program, the iPad is yours at no additional charge.
  • We deliver our curriculum in-person four nights a week for 12-weeks. In addition, you will have lifetime access to our curriculum on-line.
  • We have Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulators (CES) that can be used by our clients while they are in class. CES is FDA-approved for many symptoms addicts experience as they move into recovery.
  • If needed, we have facial recognition technology available. This state-of-the-art technology confirms your location and allows you to build trust.
  • Our location is discrete, we are in an easily accessible business district in a professional building.
  • We host a 12-step meeting specifically for Professionals in Recovery.
  • Many IOPs have 20+ participants in a class. We know that the best healing environment is smaller, more intimate. Our class size does not exceed 10.
  • We have partnered with Courage Reins to incorporate Equine Therapy. Working with horses has been proven to help in the healing process. Their website is:

Visit Us in Person and Take a Tour!

The environment at Therapy Utah has been created to allow you a feeling of peace and calm from the moment you enter our lobby.

A Holistic Approach

You won't just be sitting in an office talking about your problems. Our program is designed to treat you on an individual level. We provide Individual Counseling, Equine Therapy, Group Therapy, Mindfulness Practices, Life Skills Training and a wide range of therapeutic modalities to give you exactly what you need. We tailor the treatment to best fit YOU!

What Other Professionals Have Said:

"Therapy Utah saved my career and my life for that matter. I was on the brink of losing everything. When I started I had been through a few different programs. It was awesome doing treatment with Therapy Utah because they were so wiling to help me continue my work as an entrepreneur, yet they gave me the adequate treatment I needed to heal. I loved how their treatment was a mix of a lot of cool things. I learned about my brain, I learned how to have healthy connection, and most importantly I gained the skills to avoid drugs and live the life that I want!" - B.J.

I have had the best experience here, their treatment changed my life for the long-term. I felt safe, I knew that I could keep working but also get what I needed. They are awesome! - Heather

How do I get started?

Contact our intake coordinator today at (385) 254-3522 or submit a form to set up an intake appointment at our clinic in Lehi, Utah.

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