Foundations of Recovery Group

Flexible enrollment

This is an open group rolling curriculum, anyone can join at anytime.

Completion of Foundations

This group is foundational, meaning you are highly encouraged to join a long lasting recovery group following the completion of foundations.

Foundations Group Overview

This group is the foundational group for lasting recovery. We provide hope by outlining the process of recovery. You will receive tools to deal with the addiction, to handle betrayal trauma triggers and to rebuild trust in relationships.

This group teaches you the foundational skills for recovery. It gives you a guide and understanding as to the process of recovery and the underlying issues that need to be addressed along the way. In the group we cover: the road to recovery, healthy boundaries, shame resiliency, mindfulness, rebuilding trust, triumphing over trauma.

Visit our women’s betrayal trauma page and men’s sexual addiction page for more information.

Group Schedule

Recovery Road

The process of recovery

Who does this group benefit?

Therapy Utah's Foundations Group is for anyone struggling with Sexual/Pornography addiction and or betrayal trauma. It is for individuals and couples.

This group is for someone struggling with compulsive behaviors and someone struggling in their relationship as a result of their partners indulgent compulsive behaviors.

WHY/HOW does this group benefit that population?

This group will open up your eyes to a new way of approaching healing and
recovery. It will provide answers that you have not heard before that will guide you through the process of recovery.

You will learn how to get long lasting sobriety from the compulsive behaviors. How to hold space for your spouses pain. How to overcome trauma triggers and trust again. How to be boundaries in a healthy way. And how to ultimately love yourself.

Group Name
Climb On! Foundations of
Recovery Group.
Start Date
Day(s) of Week
Group Length
Weekly for 6 weeks
Group Location
Lehi, In person
Brannon Patrick & Grant


Additional Information: The group will be $200 for an individual or $300 for a couple. 

Start your journey to lasting recovery!