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Couples Counseling

Couples in every stage of their relationship can benefit from counseling. For example, couples who engage in premarital counseling report having a 30% higher marital satisfaction than couples who do not attend premarital counseling. Therefore, we have counselors trained in helping couples in all stages of their relationship: dating, pre-marital, marital, parenting, step-parenting and navigating in a healthy way through divorce.

We are passionate about helping couples in everything from gaining skills to improve communication to maneuvering through grief, betrayal, addiction, parenting, depression and/or anxiety in a spouse.

Kathy is awesome! My wife and I were struggling (like most) and She was able to cut through all the BS and get to the root of the issue. Several times we walked out of her office with a whole new perspective in life. My wife and I really enjoyed Kathy and helped save our marriage! I would highly recommend Kathy to anyone!Ryan G.

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