Betrayal Trauma Therapy at Therapy Utah

Betrayal Trauma Therapy

Betrayal trauma occurs when someone who you lean on to protect you has violated your trust. Often those suffering betrayal trauma say they feel like they are going crazy. They experience PTSD symptoms such as: not sleeping, lack of concentration, depressed mood, anxiety, heightened reactions, etc. 

We often think of spouses when we think of those suffering from betrayal trauma, but children experience betrayal trauma also.

Your Relationship Can Heal! Therapy Utah offers Betrayal Trauma Therapy as well as guided content that can help you heal from betrayal and addiction. 

Explore courses by Brannon Patrick, where he teaches people how to navigate life and find peace after betrayal. He also educates parents on how to raise addiction resilient kids.

Click here to find the courses. 

Fill out the following form if you are interested in Betrayal Trauma Therapy:

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