You can Triumph Over Trauma.
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Therapy Utah caps our groups to no more than 10 members. This ensures ample time for processing and practicing of the skills taught.


We focus on the skills you need to Triumph Over Trauma. Some of the skills we will cover include: Boundaries, Managing Triggers, Stress Reduction, Emotion Regulation, Mindfulness, Self-Care, Communication. Let us help you begin the healing process and take back your life!

Women’s Betrayal Trauma Group

In addition to our in-office groups we are now also offering groups online. This makes it the ideal space for you because you can join from any private area. Women who have experienced betrayal trauma often say they feel like they are going crazy and they’ve lost themselves. You are NOT going crazy. You have been traumatized. This group will begin the healing process and give you back the feeling of self.

This course is specifically for women who have experienced betrayal trauma from an intimate partner’s sexual addiction. Betrayal Trauma is unique because the person you relied on for protection, resources, and survival – YOUR PARTNER – violated your well-being and trust.

How do you move forward with this? How do you begin to THRIVE again? Do you want to move forward? TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE! Gain skills, resources, and knowledge as you join a safe community of women in this online group and rise above your Betrayal Trauma.

Live your best life!

Make powerful changes to break free and live the life you want, your best life, filled with hope, happiness, and confidence. Gain the skills, strength, and understanding to be the real you and Triumph over Betrayal Trauma

Does your partner need Sexual Addiction Treatment?

Overcome Trauma

Overcome fear and move beyond triggers and trauma that are keeping you trapped.

You are not alone

Connect with other women who actually GET IT… they are going through similar situations and understand what it’s like to have an intimate partner who is an addict.


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The group meets for 90 minutes weekly, every Thursday from 9-10:30 AM MST and the cost is $225/month.

***IMPORTANT: Enrollment is not complete, and your spot not secured, until the intake paperwork is fully completed. Please be sure to submit your paperwork to Download intake paperwork here.

Triumph Over Trauma.
Join our Women's Betrayal Trauma Group.