Shelby Mortensen

Shelby Mortensen (RYT) - Therapy Utah
Shelby Mortensen is a yoga instructor, passionate about creating space and offering direction for each individual's healing journey back to themselves. Shelby completed her teacher training with acclaimed yoga therapist Sariah Hoffman, who specializes in applying yoga and mindfulness to the healing processes of trauma and addiction. She also conducted her college capstone research project on how the combination of mindful writing + movement work together to create healing for the whole body, mind, and self.

Through this unique training opportunity and research, Shelby has applied what she's learned to her own life and trauma, experiencing firsthand a powerful healing that she loves sharing with others. Through classes, retreats, movement/breathing, and mindful journaling, Shelby believes that everything an individual needs to heal is already within them. She hopes to be able to help individuals apply the tools of mindfulness and breath to step inside and better understand themselves. She truly looks forward to seeing each client to create their own individual journey to healing - to feeling at home in their own skin, in their own body, empowered to do their unique life's work.

Therapy Utah has an upcoming Yoga class that will be led by Shelby. For more information or if you wish to be placed on the waitlist for this class, please fill out the form below: