Kylee Ostler

Kylee Ostler

Director of Marketing

Kylee Ostler is our Director of Marketing. As we saw the need for our clients to have more services available, we realized we needed a strategic leader that could build strong relationships in our community and, at the same time, ensure that all of our services run smoothly. Kylee was uniquely qualified for this challenge. She has 10+ years working in diverse office environments. She has previously specialized in working with executives to streamline their trainings and improve customer service. Using her experience she has brought our office into the 21st century and continues to look for ways to ensure our clients have a positive experience with us.

Kylee is passionate about working in an environment that focuses on improving the lives of individuals, couples and families! She is generous with her knowledge and committed to best in class practices for our center. Kylee is also one of our Prime for Life Instructors.

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