Kim Beecher

Kim Beecher - Mindfulness Course Facilitator at Therapy Utah

Mindfulness Course Facilitator

Kim Beecher teaches our Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course based on the curriculum developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.  Kim is a dynamic presenter with 30 years of experience teaching, speaking and presenting.  She has specialized experience in teaching mindfulness and is passionate about doing so because of the power of mindfulness to improve positive mood, decrease anxiety and depression, enabling us to better accept ourselves and others just as we are.  

She tailors the course to the individual needs, interests and participants of each session.  Her classes are learner-centered and interactive.  With a background of extensive study in mindfulness, instructional techniques, and a personal meditative practice, Kim guides participants to discover mindfulness principles for themselves and gain powerful and scientifically proven benefits for physical and mental health. 

Therapy Utah has an upcoming Mindfulness class that will be led by Kim. For more information or if you wish to be placed on the waitlist for this class, please fill out the form below: