The Long Road to Recovery

When you first enter recovery, you just want to stop the behavior. Whether it is shooting up in an alleyway, drinking until you pass out or picking up prostitutes on the corner addiction changes your behavior. If you could just get the right help, you could stop, and you could have your life back.

True recovery goes far beyond simply stopping the unwanted behavior. It is an entire lifestyle change that includes changing your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, then stepping into a life that you may have never fully experienced before.

Recovery is the journey of a lifetime and with every good journey, knowing where you are headed can be exciting, it can give you hope and keep you focused on the big picture on the rough days. This e-book is meant to be a guide throughout your journey.

Safe travels,
Kathy Kinghorn, LCSW, CSAT - S

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The Long Road to Recovery

by Kathy Kinghorn

Let’s get real about the journey. Recovery is hard, it takes a lot of effort.Kathy Kinghorn