Grumbles to Gratitude

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Living in a pandemic has taken our world and flipped it upside down.  Not all of it has been negative.  As I have looked back on what I have grumbled about I have realized I missed opportunities to be grateful.  Here are a few:

1) Several months ago I accidentally purchased 1-ply toilet paper.  Every time I used it I grumbled to myself about the mistake.  I’m grateful today for 1-ply toilet paper.

2)   In the past, when I’ve gone out to a favorite restaurant and found out there is an hour wait, I’ve grumbled about that.  I’m grateful that restaurants have had so many patrons that there was an hour wait.

3)  I’ve grumbled standing in the TSA line when it was long.  I’m grateful for busy airports with thousands of people traveling where they want to go.

4)  My daughter lives 5 minutes away and I’ve grumbled when I don’t pay attention to the time of day and find myself right in the middle of all the business offices emptying at 5:00pm and the trip takes 25 minutes.  I’m grateful for so many employers providing so many jobs so near to my home.

5)  I’ve grumbled headed north or south on I-15 when a traffic jam occurs and lengthens my drive.  I’m grateful for traffic jams on freeways.

6)  I have grumbled about having so many errands to run that I haven’t had time to just relax. I’m grateful for the freedom to run errands to a variety of different stores.

7)  I’ve grumbled at long lines at the DMV, the Post Office and other government agencies.  I’m grateful that I can attend to those tedious tasks whenever I have needed them.

8)  I’ve grumbled when I have been shopping at Costco at the wrong time of day and had 5 or 6 shoppers waiting in every line.  I’m grateful shopping trips to Costco and other stores where I have not had to consider that they may be out of anything I have needed.

9)  I’ve grumbled about the aches and pains of a long drive to another state or a long plane trip to another country.  I’m grateful for the ability to freely travel between states and/or countries.  

10) I have had a few different jobs in the last 40 years that I have been in the workplace.  I’ve grumbled at times about long hours, difficult tasks or bad shifts.  I’m grateful to be employed.  

11) I’ve grumbled when I have found myself with a sore throat, fever and fatigue and have felt sorry for myself that I have the flu.  I’m grateful that I have never had to fear that those symptoms could be life-threatening.  

12) I’ve grumbled at times when one too many sports events have been watch on our TV.  I’m grateful for the diverse amount of sports and the athletes that have put so much effort and time in to being their best.  

13) I’ve never enjoyed being part of a large crowd, I’ve grumbled at times when an event has placed me in that position.  I’m grateful that large crowds have the freedom to gather.  

14) I’ve grumbled when our church time has changed to 1:00pm. I’m grateful to attend church whenever it begins.  

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