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EMDR - Therapy UTAH Newsletter September

What is EMDR and IFS?

Did You Know That We Specialize in Treating Trauma?

Have you gone to a therapist before and had a great session. You might have discussed things that you can improve in life, and ways you can look at life differently. But then, you go back into real life and you find yourself repeating the same destructive patterns of behavior. That’s because you have not treated the root of the problem.

EMDR - Therapy UTAH Newsletter September

There are ways to Heal the Trauma…

Trauma is at the root of our problems. Depression, anxiety, addiction, attachment problem, and other mental health issues usually take some root from our traumatic experiences. Trauma therapy (both EMDR, and IFS), address the trauma and desensitize it. What that means is that the trauma has less power to trigger thoughts and emotions.

Evidenced-based practices (The research says it works) such as EMDR and Internal Family Systems(IFS) have been found to be the very most effective in treating trauma.

The Modalities

Internal Family Systems

IFS and EMDR have a way of helping an individual re-take control of their brain. Instead of constantly being hijacked by experiences in their past, a person can desensitize the trauma and diminish the fear. Internal Family Systems (IFS) helps an individual separate themselves from the trauma. Through doing the “parts” work and individual practices self-compassion and learns why their brain is reacting a certain way to the trauma.

EMDR/IFS - Therapy UTAH Newsletter September


The process that one goes through with EMDR allows a person to go back into the trauma without getting retraumatized. The therapist facilitates a safe environment for the client to look at their trauma differently. After desensitization has taken place a person then experiences otherwise scary triggers as less terrifying. In fact, many clients report being able to engage in situations in their life where they never could have before.

Both EMDR and IFS are amazing in addressing the roots of the issue. When you change your view of the world around you then you start to get different results in your life.

If you are interested in doing some trauma work we have the right therapists for you. Therapy UTAH is dedicated to providing the best trauma treatment available.

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